Board of Directors

At the statutory board meeting that follows the annual general meeting’s election of board members, the board will each year adopt rules of procedure detailing the division of work between the board, its committees, and the CEO. These rules also describe which matters to deal with at ordinary board meetings, and the obligations of the chairman of the board. The board will convene at least six times each year in addition to the statutory board meeting. The chairman organizes and directs the board’s work. Apart from the chairman’s responsibilities there is no explicit division of work or responsibilities between the members of the board. The CEO is a member of the board, attends all board meetings, and is together with the chairman responsible for ensuring the board receives relevant information prior to each meeting.


From left to right: Semmy Rülf, Lars Lidgren, Fredrik Thafvelin, Petter Øygarden, Johan Assarsson, Morgan Eilenberg

Semmy Rülf – Chairman of the Board
Semmy Rülf has a long history of working withing the IT-industry and the medical technology industry, for instance as CEO of Axis Communications and as chairman of Qlik and Mindroute Incentive. He has been CEO of ProstaLund, chairman of Jolife and Dignitana, board member in Vitrolife and Xvivoperfusion. Semmy Rülf worked from London for 10 years with assignments from, among others, Visit Sweden as Regional Director, responsible for England, USA, China and southern Europe. He is a board member in Bibbinstruments, Curando Nordic and Senior Advisor in Igelösa Life Science.

  • Master of Science in Business and Economics, Lund
  • Previously CEO of Axis Communications and ProstaLund, Regional Director of Visit Sweden
  • Chairman of the Board of Safeture, board member of Bibbinstruments, Senior Advisor of Igelösa Life Science

Semmy Rülf controls 432 280 shares in Curando Nordic AB privately and through companies.

Lars Lidgren – Chairman of the Board since March 2016 Styrelseledamot
Lars Lidgren is Professor Emeritus of Orthopedics at Lund University. Lidgren has published approximately 300 scientific articles and is behind about a hundred patents. Furthermore, Lidgren is an entrepreneur and has founded and developed several international companies. Lidgren is independent in relation to the management of the Company, although not independent regarding ownership in the Company.

  • Doctor. Professor.
  • Orthopedist, former head of clinic.
  • Founder of the companies Scandimed, Bonesupport, AM e-Consultning and GWS Production.
  • Board member of the listed company Orthocell.

Lars Lidgren controls 12 843 562 shares in Curando Nordic AB privately and through companies.

Fredrik Thafvelin – Board Member
Fredrik Thafvelin brings experience in medicine, entrepreneurship, and management. After 18 years as a doctor in a hospital and outpatient care he has been a leader, at first within public healthcare and after that private healthcare. Thafvelin was CEO and founder of Axess Spesialistklinikker AS, which established several successful specialist care concepts in Norway and Sweden. After that Thafvelin was Director of Development at Capio in the Nordics, and later CEO of Capio Nordic AB and President of Capio’s European businesses. Thafvelin has since 2010 been doing board work within health and healthcare, for companies such as Feelgood, Norlandia Care, Agito, Transmedica and Otiga Group AS. Thafvelin in not independent in relation to the Company or ownership in the Company.

  • Doctor, Management Training TMI, IMD Business School.
  • Previous CEO of Capio Nordic AB and Presient of Capio, CEO of Axess Norden and Feelgood Svenska AB.
  • Chairman of the Board of Otiga Group AS, Clockwork AB and Söder & Co AB.
  • Previous Chairman of the Board of Transmedica A/S, Feelgood AB, Volvat AS and Capio St. Göran, m.fl.

Fredrik Thafvelin controls 15 661 027 shares in Curando Nordic AB privately and through companies.

Petter Øygarden – Independent board member since September 2016
Petter Øygarden is a working board member of Bratsberg Gruppen and CEO of Bratsberg Gruppen AS. Øygarden has 20 years experience as a serial entrepreneur and has for instance founded Conceptor AS, Conceptor Bolig AS, Bratsberg Gruppen and several service companies within healthcare, such as private hospitals and specialist clinics. In addition he has international experience as CEO of an American tech company. Øygarden is an MSc in Economics and has an American MBA-degree. Øygarden is an independent board member of Curando Nordic AB.

  • Master of Science in Business and Economics, and MBA from USA
  • Chairman of the board of, among others, the Bratsberg Gruppen-group and Progresio Brage Finans AS and CEO in Bratsberg Gruppen AS.
  • 20 years of experience of entrepreneurship from multiple businesses.

Petter Øygarden controls 7 689 470 shares in Curando Nordic AB privately and through companies.

Johan Assarsson – Board Member
Johan Assarsson, var fram till 2020 VD för Inera, regionerna och landstingens IT-bolag. Assarsson har varit, regiondirektör i Västra Götaland och departementssekreterare. Han har även varit ordförande respektive styrelseledamot i bland annat Inera, Apoteket, Norlandia Care och Göteborgs Universitet.

Morgan Eilenberg – Board Member
Morgan Eilenberg styrelseledamot, har arbetat bland annat som Senior Director på Sobi, nordisk Strategic Manager på Biovitrum och Brand Manager på Eli Lilly. Tidigare Head of Operations, Norden, på Ashfield inom UDG Healthcare. Han är nu CEO i dotterbolaget Compass Interim Management AB samt Partner i Compass Human Resources Group som har verksamhet i Norden och UK.