Risks and uncertainties

Generally speaking, a number of risk factors may have a negative impact on the Company's business and industry. For that reason it is of great importance to consider relevant risks in addition to the Company's growth opportunities. It can prove difficult to evaluate Curando's sales potential as a SaaS provider and there are uncertainties regarding whether revenue will be generated to a sufficient extent. Market establishments could be delayed which would entail a loss of revenue. Curando may need to procure additional capital in the future. There is a risk of the Company not being able to procure additional capital. A loss of one or more key persons, employees or consultants and termination of important partner agreements may entail negative consequences for the Company's business and results. An extensive push from a competitor may entail risks of impaired sales opportunities. The full extent of the Company's risk factors can, for obvious reasons, not be assessed without an overall assessment of the Company's business combined with a general external assessment.